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A Valentines Day Guide

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, some of us have to prepare ourselves to give a gift to that special someone or some of us are preparing for our Galentine Day party! In this post, I am covering all things valentines related such as gifts, friend parties, goodie bags, recipes, and much more!!

Gifts For Her:

-Hand Cream sets

-Edible Bouquet

-Tea and coffee sets/ items

-Jewelry Set

-Bath bombs, nail polish sets

-Handmade soap bars

And of course, don’t forget the flowers and sweets!

Gifts For Him:


-Footwear: slippers, sneakers, dress shoes, etc.

-Hot Sauce set

-A heart-shaped box filled his favorite snacks or food

-Grooming Kit (include shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, etc)

-Homemade food and sweets

Galentine Party Ideas:

-Spa Day

-Game Night

-Road Trip

-DIY Day

-Bake Off

-Paint Night

Goodie Bag/ Favor Ideas (for classmates):

-Food: Muddy Buddies, popcorn, pre-packed snacks, fruit salad (in small containers)

-Non-Food: Bubbles, play-doh, small coloring books & crayons, keychains, small puzzle games

Possible Themes for Goodie Bags:

-School Supplies--- Filled with pencils, pens, erasers, and feel free to add some snacks such as pretzels

-Color Theme--- Pick a color and buy items associating with that color such as stationery, snacks, and small toys


-Mug/ jar filled with some sweets and add some stationery supplies or coffee/ tea

-Reusable water bottle containing a gift card, nail polish, gum, eraser, some sweets, and chapstick

-Hand Sanitizer/ Soap bottle with a cute message

-Homemade desserts

Recipes To Make:

-Muddy Buddies

-Chocolate dipped marshmallow treats

-Chocolate covered pretzels and decorate them

-Festive Popcorn with unique flavors

-Cookies and decorate them (another great party idea to do with friends)


Thank you so much for checking out my post!! Don't forget to share with your friends and check out my Instagram page @helpfulinspiringblog

See you soon and hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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