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Best Movies To Watch For a Night In

Hello everyone, hope you all having a great week. In this blog post, I am sharing with you all a list of movies to watch for a night in. These movies range in different genres and moods and will surely suite your likings. If you guys like these types of posts where I write lists of..., please let me know and I will continue to make more of them.

The Names of Movies Listed Below:

1) The Nightmare Before Christmas

2) West Side Story

3) Bridesmaids

4) Sisters

5) Penelope

6) Before I fall

7) Crazy Stupid Love

8) The Boss

9) Pleasantville

10) Home Alone

11) How To Be Single

12) Crazy Rich Asians

13) Mamma Mia

14) Hairspray

15) The Fault In Our Stars

16) Pitch Perfect

17) Paper Towns

18) Legally Blonde

19) Enola Holmes

20) The Wizard of Oz

21) The Godfather

22) Singing In The Rain

23) Matilda

24) Casablanca

25) Pink Panther

26) Black Panther

27) Sing Street

28) School of Rock

29) Booksmart

30) Jurassic Park

31) To Kill a Mockingbird

32) Toy Story

33) 21 Jumpstreet

34) Princess Bride

35) Pet Sematary

36) Goodfellas

37) The Outsiders

38) The Greatest Showman

39) The Little Rascals

40) The Land Before Time

41) White Chicks

42) Scream

43) Hush

44) A Nightmare On Elem Street

45) Grownups

46) Jumanji

47) The Incredibles

48) The Addams Family

49) Ice Age

50) Despicable Me

51) Garfield

52) The Last Song

53) 10 Things I Hate About You

54) Star Wars

Thank you all so much for reading this blog post! If you guys would like to see more posts like these where I share all about my recommendations, please let me know. Also, please follow me on Pinterest and on Instagram @helpfulinspiringblog and if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me at: I will see you all in the next post and stay tuned for new blog posts!


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