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10 Good Habits To Get Into

What are habits? Habits help shape our life and create routines for ourselves. It can be difficult to break bad habits, but here are 10 good habits to have a healthier mindset and life.

1) Create a morning routine:

- Meditate, wash your face, exercise, plan out your day: things that need to get done, etc.

- Start your day off with positivity!

- By creating a morning routine, it will help eliminate stress and boosts productivity

- Set small goals for you to complete daily

2) Read books:

- A great way to gain knowledge and restore creativity

- Therapeutic and relaxing

- Takes you out of the real world and puts you in a fictional or imaginative world

3) Surround yourself with positive people:

- Let go of relationships that bring you down instead of lifting you up

- Spend time with people who know how to treasure and share happiness

- Simple way to create positivity in your life

4) Make time for exercise:

- Not only improves your physical health, but boosts mood

- Pumps up your creativity and increases comprehension

5) Go on a social media detox weekly:

- Take time out of the week and spend all day away from social media

- Focus on a new hobby, read, paint, journal, etc.

- Take this time to cut back on social media to reduce stress and mental clutter

- Helps improve mood and reconnect with the world around you

6) Take care of yourself:

- Take time during the day to unwind and focus on your mental health, mood, and self-esteem

- Listen to music, learn a new skill/ hobby, enjoy a bubble bath, or make a meal and... don't forget to hydrate yourself!

7) Take a small risk daily:

- Find something that makes you a little nervous like, talking to people to build up confidence

8) Pack healthy snacks with you for when you are out:

- Your body will thank you later

- Pack fruit, vegetables, protein bars, and be careful of sugary food!

9) Getting enough sleep at night:

- Try going to bed early and waking up at a reasonable time

- Set an alarm for when you wake up and track how many hours of sleep you get per night

10) Keep track of financial papers:

- Organize important papers in file folders

- Bills and tax returns filed away in a cabinet

- Record and keep track of money spent on food, gas, bills, necessities, etc.

Thank you very much for reading this blog and stay tune for more posts coming soon! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @helpfulinspiringblog and let me know what kind of posts you would like to see next!

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