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10 Of My Favorite Songs In November

Hello wonderful people, hope you all having an amazing day! With November ending, you can still enjoy some new songs. Here are 10 of my favorite songs that I have been listening to in November. Some of these songs are not new, it is what I found on my playlists or radio and have become some of my favorites!

1) Bitter- The Vamps

2) Wrong Direction- Hailee Steinfeld

3) Sweet Melodies- Little Mix

4) Hands- Mike Perry, The Vamps, Sabrina Carpenter

5) Dancing With Your Ghost- Sasha Sloan

6) First Time- Daya

7) Someone Just Like You- Ramus Hagen, Ebba Bergendahl

8) Brother- Kodaline

9) Pull Me Out- Nico Santos

10) Wrong With Me- Gabriel Conte

Thank you all so much for reading this blog post! Stay tuned for next months posts. I have so much planned for the holiday season and I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you! Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @helpfulinspiringblog. Also, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please email me at: I will see you all in next months post!


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