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10 of My Favorite Songs in September

In this blog post, I thought I would share with all of you my top 10 favorite songs that I have been listening to in the month of September. These songs are in no particular order and range from many different genres. If you guys like these type of posts please let me know and I will continue to do them every month. Now, onto the songs!

1) Too Good To Lose- Justin Jesso

2) Tonight- Mattilo, Rayvon Owen

3) Lose Somebody- Kygo, One Republic

4) Married In Vegas- The Vamps

5) More Than Words- Little Mix, Kamille

6) Chemicals- The Vamps

7) LA On A Saturday Night- Hearts & Colors

8) Tell Me That You Love Me- James Smith

9) you broke me first- Tate McRae

10) Discretion- Able Heart

Thank you all so much for reading this blog post and please follow me on Instagram @helpfulinspiringblog. I also, have a Pinterest account that you follow me on @helpfulinspiringblog. If you have any questions, feedback, or post ideas, please email me: I will see you all in the next post and stay tuned for new blog posts coming soon!!


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