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10 Stress-Relieving Activities

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great day! As we all know, stress is something that most of us experience in our day-to-day lives. It can be from school, work, lack of sleep, or anything else. In this post, I am sharing with you all ten activities that help relieve stress. If you are interested in learning what ways could help you, keep reading!

1) Journaling

  • Take 10 ten minutes or more out of your day to journal.

  • This can be writing down your thoughts, self-reflection, free writing, or planning your day.

  • Writing helps you clear your mind, recover memories, and it is a good mental exercise.

2) Excercise

  • Take some time to work out your body.

  • This doesn't have to be strenuous activities.

  • It can be a simple exercise such as walking or going for a light jog.

  • Anything that keeps your body moving.

3) Read a Book

  • Having a good book to read when stressed helps strengthen your brain.

  • Reading improves brain function and connectivity.

  • Reading fiction books improves your imagination.

  • It's always nice to read a book and escape reality. This is my go-to!

4) Listen to Music

  • Listening to music can help calm your nervous system.

  • Music is an emotional release, creates creativity, and decreases anxiety.

  • I recommend making a dedicated playlist when you feel stressed.

5) Doodle/Color

  • Did you know they make adult coloring books?

  • Doodling or coloring in a notebook can help you relax and helps you be mindful.

  • Also, coloring as an adult brings out your imagination and helps you remember your childhood.

6) Bake

  • Bake a delicious treat!

  • When people feel anxious they'll look for something to do (to get their minds off) and baking helps people with this.

  • Baking helps you be engaged and keeps your mind away from negative thoughts.

7) Create a Vision Board

  • This is a great way to gain inspiration and motivation!

  • It increases clarity and focus.

  • It's also a great way for you to help reach your goals.

8) Watch a Funny Show or Movie

  • Watching your favorite TV show or movie, helps you take your mind off things that may be bothering you or preventing you from focusing.

9) Do Some Self-Care

  • Take a shower or bath, nap, light a candle, relax, detox your mind, go outside and breathe some fresh air, or drink some herbal tea.

  • Take care of YOU!

10) Reach out to a Friend or Loved One

  • Sometimes just talking to someone makes the situation a lot better.

  • It feels like a major relief off your shoulders.

Thank you all very much for reading this post! I hope this post gives you ideas on ways you can relieve stress at home. I also hope this encourages you to take care of yourself and focus on yourself. Stay tuned for new blog posts coming soon and I cannot wait to share them with you all!


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