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2022 Favorite Songs

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having an amazing day! In this post, to help wrap up the year, I am sharing with you all a list of my favorite songs that I have been listening to over the course of 2022! Note: some of these songs are not new, they are what I have found on the radio and various playlists that I have enjoyed listening to. I hope you all enjoy reading this post and hopefully, you found a new song to listen to!

  1. The Difference- Daya


  3. Lonely St.- Stray Kids

  4. Answer- ATEEZ

  5. Crush- SEVENTEEN

  6. she's all i wanna be- Tate McRae

  7. Charmer- Stray Kids

  8. Turbulence- ATEEZ

  9. I Lost Myself In Loving You- Jamie Miller

  10. chaotic- Tate McRae

  11. Ready to Love- SEVENTEEN

  12. BTBT- B.I, Soulja Boy, DeVita

  13. Love Back- Why Don't We

  14. PS5- salem islese, Tomorrow X Together, Alan Walker

  15. ROCKY (Boxers Ver.)- ATEEZ

  16. Us- James Bay

  17. don't come back- Tate McRae

  18. 9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)- Tomorrow X Together

  19. Echo- Armaan Malik, Eric Nam, KSHMR

  20. Kidult- SEVENTEEN

  21. Let Me Down Easy (Lie)- Why Don't We

  22. 0X1= LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)- Tomorrow X Together

  23. GUAPA- Becky G

  24. Dandelions- Ruth B.

  25. Don't Wake Me Up- Jonas Blue, Why Don't We

  26. It Is What It Is- Jamie Miller

  27. Saturday Drip- NCT DREAM

  28. House On Fire- Mimi Webb

  29. God's Menu- Stray Kids

  30. Kiss And Tell- Frawley

  31. Shadow- SEVENTEEN

  32. @ my worst- blackbear

  33. MANIAC- Stray Kids

  34. Longer- Jamie Miller

  35. SNAP- Rosa Linn

  36. Rock with you- SEVENTEEN

  37. feel like shit- Tate McRae

  38. Drown- Martin Garrix, Clinton Kane

  39. MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT- Elley Duhe

  40. 2step- Ed Sheeran

  41. what's your problem- Tate McRae

  42. In The Stars- Benson Boone



  45. Just Friends- Why Don't We

  46. Cry Dancing- NOTD, Nina Nesbitt

  47. Butterflies- MAX, Ali Gatie


  49. Should've Said It- Camila Cabello

  50. Left & Right- SEVENTEEN

  51. Blow- Jackson Wang

  52. Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)- ENHYPEN

  53. How Do You Love Somebody- Why Don't We

  54. To you- SEVENTEEN

  55. Poison- Rita Ora

  56. Close Your Eyes- KSHMR, Tungevaag

  57. Love Don't Hate It- Duncan Laurence

  58. Nonsense- Sabrina Carpenter

  59. Don't Blame Me- Taylor Swift

  60. Tacones Rojos- Sebastian Yatra

  61. When I Grow Up- NF


  63. Run BTS- BTS

  64. BOYSHIT- Madison Beer

  65. Chasing Stars- Alesso, Marshmello, James Bay

  66. Chasing Fire- Lauv

  67. Effortlessly- Madison Beer

  68. Tie Me Down- Gryffin, Elley Duhe

  69. Cheating on You- Charlie Puth

  70. Know Me Too Well- New Hope Club, Danna Paola

  71. Somebody That You Loved- Bruno Martini, New Hope Club

  72. Bad Girl- Daya

  73. Boyfriend- Dove Cameron

  74. Ghost of You- Mimi Webb

  75. uh oh- Tate McRae

  76. Birthday Cake- Dylan Conrique

  77. Bad Idea- Dove Cameron

  78. Vigilante Shit- Taylor Swift

  79. i miss you (skin to skin)- Dylan Conrique

  80. Devil Doesn't Bargain- Alec Benjamin

  81. hate myself- Tate McRae

  82. you're so cool- Tate McRae

  83. No One Can Fix Me- Frawley

  84. If I Don't Laugh, I'll Cry- Frawley

  85. Wishes- Jamie Miller

Thank you all very much for reading this post! Comment down below your top five favorite songs of this year! I have an additional post planned for this month and I cannot wait to share it with you all! On another note, I cannot believe that 2022 is almost done, it surely has been a long and crazy year and I am super thankful for everyone's support on my blog! Mostly, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has read my blog! I am also extremely grateful for this community that constantly shows me gratitude, support, and love on all my posts! The Helpful Inspiring Blog community has given me a voice to not only help someone in any which it may be but to also inspire those around me. This year, I was able to share in-depth poetry about my life, what I have been through, and how I felt at those times. Without your continuous support, I would not have been able to do so, I thank each and every one of you for being part of this wonderful community! I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I will see you all in the last post of 2022!



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Yeah they definitely became one of my top artists this year! I enjoy listening to their music!


Dec 28, 2022

I see a few songs I know!!. I realize you have a lot of songs from SEVENTEEN i will have to check out that artiste

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