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How To Save Money As A Teen:

Saving money in general is already tough for most of us, but these tips are sure to help anyone who wants to mange their money!

1) Search for sales and coupons----> Check for items that are on sale and stock up on those items, don't forget to use coupons!

2) Shop on budget---> If you have cash, only bring what you need (example between $20-$50), Do not bring a card!!-This makes you want to spend more!

3) Do research---> Makeup for example, always has cheaper or better alternatives for products; brand names do not matter!

4) Record money spent---> Keep track of your money that you spent in a journal and schedule days that you would like to limit yourself.

5) Save money on food---> Cook at home, instead of buying out. Most food that you buy at fast food places or restaurants, do not have good nutrients nor do you know what kind of ingredients that they have in the meals.

6) Separate spending money from savings---> Only takeout a certain amount of money for spending and the rest into savings.

7) Spend smart---> Do not spend all money in one day, a little at a time. Budget yourself, $10 today, $10 tomorrow.

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