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Picnic Ideas

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great day! I am sharing with you all some picnic ideas and tips when it comes to having a picnic with your family or friends. This simple idea can make such a memorable experience surrounded by people. I hope this post inspires you all to have a picnic this summer!

Place To Have a Picnic

  • park

  • on a trail

  • lake

  • campgrounds

  • beach

  • backyard

Picnic Must Haves

  • large blanket

  • table cover and clips

  • picnic basket

  • serveware

  • trash bag

  • bug repellant

  • pillows

  • small cooler

  • first-aid kit

  • wet wipes

  • hand sanitizer

  • entertaining games-- Jenga, card games, frisbee, painting, etc.

Picnic Food Ideas


  • veggie and fruit platters

  • chips and dip

  • skewers/ kabobs

  • mini sandwiches

  • mini burgers

Main meal:

  • salads (potato, pasta, chicken, etc.)

  • quiche

  • burgers

  • chicken ceasar pitas

  • mini sub sandwiches


  • fruit salad

  • brownies

  • cookies

  • cake pops

  • puppy chow

  • s'mores

  • lemon bars

  • mini cakes

  • cupcakes


  • strawberry lemonade or plain lemonade

  • iced tea

  • water or infused water

  • juices

  • coconut water

  • coffee

  • alcoholic beverages

Additional Picnic Accessories

  • drink dispenser/pitcher for drinks

  • food storage containers

  • insulated reusable bottle and tumbler

  • cooler sleeves

  • tote bag

  • umbrella

  • mason jars

  • ice packs

  • picnic caddy

Picnic Tips

Pack Light

  • Coordinate with friends and family on what to bring.

  • One person can bring the silverware, another brings the drinks, and someone else can bring the food.

Keep Food Fresh

  • Bring a cooler with you, especially if you know you will be traveling far.

  • Also, bring a separate bag for your hot food.

Avoid Soggy Food

  • Anything from salad dressings to condiments should be kept in a separate jar to avoid soggy food.

Avoid Sticky Food

  • Anything from ice cream to pudding, you want to avoid something that will make a mess.

Look For a Shady Spot

  • If you are planning to have a picnic at the beach, definitely bring an umbrella with you.

  • If you are having a picnic at the park or woodsy area, find a large tree with branches for a cooling spot.

  • Also, don't forget the sunscreen!

You Don't Have to Make All the Food

  • Picking up your favorite fast food or pizza and bring it to your picnic.

  • It is really a great, affordable, and fun way to have a picnic.

Remember to Check the Weather Forecast

  • If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, you definitely should plan ahead for this.

Decide What Time of Day You Will Have Your Picnic

  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner are all great options, but it would be fun if you planned ahead of what time and what meal course you will be having.

  • There are plenty of portable foods for your picnic and it would be quite fun to have a breakfast-themed picnic!

Thank you all very much for reading this blog post! I hope this inspires you all to take some time this summer to have a picnic with your loved ones! This is a fun and easy summer idea that is also inexpensive to share with friends. I have more posts planned for this month and I cannot wait to share them with you all so, stay tuned for new blog posts coming soon! Also, if you want to stay updated when new blog posts are coming or want interactive content, please follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @helpfulinspiringblog. If you have any questions or need to reach out to me, feel free to email me at: I will see you all very soon!


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