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The Ultimate Gift Guide:

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Between the holidays, birthdays, and special gatherings, we are destined to prepare ourselves for all the gifts we have to buy for your loved ones. With this helpful gift guide, every person will surely be pleased with your gift. Gift baskets are a super cute and inexpensive way to give someone a gift. Keep in mind that gift baskets do not have to be large, they can be small. Also, you do not have to go all out on the gifts, something small still has the same effect as something big! Also, you do not have to go with a gift basket, I have plenty of ideas coming!

Mother/ Aunt/ Grandmother:

-Gift Basket

1. Spa Theme--- Nail filers, face masks, lotion, nail polish, body scrubs, chocolate, candle, bath bombs, cloths, etc.

2. Movie Theme- 3 favorite movies, candy, microwavable popcorn (or homemade with toppings), blanket, etc.

3. Baking Theme- Brownie or cake mix, mixing spoons, measuring cups, frosting, chocolate chips, molds, etc.

-Gift card to their favorite restaurant, store.

-Clothes--- sweater, scarf, shoes, slippers, etc.

Father/ Uncle/ Grandfather:

-Gift Basket

1. Favorite Snacks Theme--- Your dad's favorite snacks (nuts, fruit, chips, and include his favorite drink.

2. Sports Theme--- Decide dad's favorite sport/ sports team and pick out his favorite game time snacks, drinks, and activities; you could even throw in a gift card.

3. The Great Outdoors Theme--- Put together tools, bug repellent, mixed nuts, granola bars (any grab-and-go snack works!), flashlight, and anything else that they may want.

-Gift cards to their favorite store or restaurant.

-Clothes--- Dress shirt, jacket, shoes, etc.


-Gift Basket

1. Fitness Theme--- Protein shakes, protein bars, wellness drinks, mixed nuts, junk food (for their cheat day).

2. Music Theme--- Music CDs, earbuds, Spotify gift cards, chocolate (shaped in music notes/ instruments). If they play an instrument, feel free to include reeds, drum sticks, etc. Also, you can add a funny music t-shirt and much more!

3. Food Kit--- Pasta theme, taco theme, etc, include most of the ingredients to make their dinner great!

-Video games

-Clothes- Shoes, shirts, belts, hats, etc.


-Gift Basket

1. Hot Cocoa Kit--- Hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, syrup, whipped cream, candy canes, dipping spoons.

2. Breakfast Kit--- Waffle/ pancake/ muffin mix, syrup, coffee mug, coffee, donuts.

3. Manicure/ Pampering Kit--- Hand lotion, nail polish (various colors), nail polish remover, scrubs, hand soap, nail filer and clippers, nail stickers, and press-on nails. Don't forget some sweets!

-Jewelry/ Clothes--- Shoes, bags, hats, jackets, etc.

-Gift cards to their favorite store or restraunet


-Gift Basket

1. Coffee & Tea Theme--- Favorite flavor and brand of coffee, tea packets, stirrers, small creamer cups, to-go cups, shortbread cookies, and a candle.

2. The Traveler Theme--- Journal/ notebook, disposable camera, luggage tag, toiletries travel kit, and a book.

3. Stationary Lover Theme--- Journal, notebook, pens, pencils, markers, stickers, planner, and sweets!

The Get Well Soon Gift:

-Gift Basket: Cough drops, tissues, lip balm, vaseline, honey, hand sanitizer, vitamin C packets, tea, and a gift card.

College Roommate:

-Gift Basket

1. Survival Kit--- Clipboard with paper, pencils, pens, a few markers, cute picture frame, tissues, lotion, wipes, lip balm/ lip gloss, first aid kit, and lip scrub.

2. Laundry Theme--- Detergent, dryer sheets, tide to-go, and towels.


-Gift Basket

1. Game Night Theme--- Board Games: Yahtzee, Scrabble, Monopoly, Card Games: Uno, Crazy Eight, Go Fish, and party snacks.

2. Holiday Recipe--- A favorite recipe of yours an include most of the ingredients all in a mixing bowl!

3. Helpful Gift Basket--- (Alcoholic) beverage, fruit spread, crackers, wooden board, cheeses, a loaf of bread, and olive oil/dipping oil, and olives.

Organization Lover:

-Gift Basket: Chalkboard labels, marker, cute small containers, and letter stickers.

The Cleaner:

-Gift Basket: Car wipes/ disinfected wipes, room spray, Windex, Pine-Sol, cloths, Febreez, paper towels, tissues, sponges, all in a laundry bin.

The Food Lover:

-Gift Basket

1. Chocolate Lover--- M&Ms, brownies, cookies, chocolate cover pretzels, granola bars, candies, Oreos, chocolate bars, chocolate covered marshmallows, and fruits dipped in chocolate.

2. Cookie Lover--- Fill up a tin/ bucket with their favorite types of cookies.

3. Popcorn Lover--- Fill up tin with different flavors of popcorn. I recommend smart food, they have so many flavors.

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