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What To Do To Relax Your Mind During or After School:

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

With school starting, I find it’s hard to relax and have a healthy mindset. We are constantly being pressured to do our work on time, get good grades, and be the best we can right now! But we have to have time for ourselves once in a while. We have to relax our brain sometimes, daze off, or be bored! We have to take each day little by little and only focus on what is important right now!

1) Excersise— Keep your mind and body fit! This doesn’t have to be hardcore running or squats. It can be as simple as walking, just to freshen your mind with the beauty of nature!

2) Relax with friend— We all need a good friend to help us take our mind off of things. We just need someone to talk to and listen. Friends help us the most when we need to destress. They crack jokes for us, make silly things for us, and are always their when we call! Also, it’s a great way to not focus on your phone!

3) Find a good book to read— Their are tons of books out their everyone! It can be the smallest things like reading your favorite childhood book, a magazine, or a history book. It does not matter, whatever helps you to relax!

4) Take time to be creative— Whether it is painting, coloring, or sculpting, just relax and allow your mind and hand to be free! Honestly this is one of my favorite ways to relax!!

5) Journaling— Having a journal around you makes your life much easier! Not only is it good for helping you keep track of dates, but also doodling and much more! You can use this to write down ideas, brainstorming, and what ever is on your mind!

6) Listen to music— Everyone has a different connection to music, they may feel happy, sad, worried, or irritated. What ever that mood is, music is sure to cheer you up!

7) Enjoy time with your family— Spend as much time with them as possible, you never know what‘s going to happen next. Keep your family close and feel free to do some small activities with them!

8) Set aside time for just you—A little relaxation and some alone time, never hurt anyone! It can be the smallest of things like reading a chapter or sipping water. Just let your mind wander and try not worry too much! Breaks are important!!

9) Enjoy the outdoors— I realized as I got older, I don’t have as much time to go outside and enjoy what’s around it. It is so important for us to just go outside and enjoy a little fresh air! Feel free to stare at the clouds and look at all the funny shapes!

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