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What To Do When You Are Bored

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I know during this quarantine time, a lot of us are starting to lose motivation or are running out of ideas to keep us productive. This guide will surely keep you motivated! I have over 70 ideas on how to keep you busy during this time or whenever you get bored! Let's get started!!

24 Fun Things To Do When Bored:

  • Make new recipes/ re-create ones from a favorite place

  • Make song playlists (for different moods)

  • Listen to music/ discover new music

  • Make a list of things to do when bored and put them in a jar

  • Write down your favorite quotes in a notebook/ journal

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Create a bucket list

  • Write down your favorite recipes

  • Online shopping

  • Write a story

  • Write a poem

  • Write down your favorite song lyrics in a journal/ notebook

  • Make your own word search puzzle

  • Make lists of... movies, books, things you want to buy

  • Write online reviews

  • Take up a new hobby

  • Make tie dye shirts

  • Play or learn an instrument

  • Try some Pinterest hacks

  • Take Buzzfeed quizzes

  • Play computer games

  • Learn new writing techniques

  • Go through photos and videos and make a video about them

  • Indoor scavenger hunt

17 Creative Things To Do When Bored:

  • Create a photo collage

  • Create your own color by numbers activity

  • Draw in a sketchbook

  • Color--> In a coloring book or make your own designs

  • Create crafts

  • Make a scrapbook

  • Make decor (paintings, vases, wall art etc.)

  • Make homemade cards--> birthdays, mother's and father's day, other occasions

  • Start a blog

  • Make a flower arrangement

  • Create your own signature drink or cocktail

  • Organize stickers

  • Bullet journal--> try new layouts and designs

  • Revamp old clothes

  • Make jewelry

  • Create a vision board

  • Make candles

  • Make soap

11 Ways To Help Your Mind and Body When Bored:

  • Do a puzzle

  • Workout

  • Meditate

  • Have a self-care day

  • Strengthen your brain

  • Set goals for yourself

  • Go for a walk

  • Volunteer

  • Take time to reflect--> write down what you have accomplished this past year, goals for this month, what you are proud of, what did you learn about yourself, etc.

  • Learn 5 new vocabulary words to use

9 Productive Things To Do When Bored:

  • Organize--> anything and everything

  • Declutter phone and emails

  • Declutter ares in home

  • Organize apps on your phone

  • Plan meals for next week

  • Wash your car

  • Free up space on your phone

  • Throw out old or expired products

15 Practical Things To Do When Bored:

  • Read a book

  • Read a magazine

  • Watch a new movie or classic

  • Watch a new TV show

  • Write in journal--> daily events, what happened, etc.

  • Look at old photos or yearbooks

  • Learn a new language

  • Make an emergency kit

  • Learn something new

  • Look up ways to make extra money

  • Watch documentaries

  • Pick up trash around local beaches

  • Dance like no one is watching

  • Nap

Thank you all so very much for reading this blog post! Stay tuned for more! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @helpfulinspiringblog. Let me know what kind of blog posts you would like to see next!

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