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10 Addicting Games To Have On Your Phone:

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

There are so many amazing games out there for your phone, but what the ones that are you going to keep playing for many hours to keep you busy? Well, have a few that you are sure to love. They range from brain-teasers, to action games, and more!

1) Slices--- This games is super fun, I saw this on an ad one time and I thought I must try it. It really gets your brain working and it is so satisfying to complete the circle!

2) Recolor--- A great game for anyone who likes to color. This game has endless options of color palettes, pictures, and editing tools! Though you do have to pay money for the premium stuff, but overall without the premium tools, you get a lot of options for the free app itself. I highly recommend this one!

3) Jigsaw Puzzles--- I personally love puzzles and when I found out this game, I knew I had to get it. Super easy to use and anyone who enjoys puzzles as much as me is sure to love this game as well.

4) Yahtzee--- A classic game that you can play alone or with friends. Super fun and can earn tons of prizes by competing in competitions with other people!

5) Hidden Hotel--- By far the most addictive game I own! (Just warning you!) I finally found a game where renovating a place doesn't consist of puzzle games. This game consists of finding misplaced objects in the scenery. This is what makes it so addictive, along with trying to renovate the entire hotel and unlocking more rooms!

6) Snake VS Block--- This game highly addictive as well. Super easy to understand and tons of games within games! Tons of levels and upgrades! Overall, a super fun game to play!

7) May sound a little cruel, but it's all fun in games! I play this game way too much and I am surprised of how much I actually liked it!

8) Draw It--- Super fun game to play with friends basically, like pictionary, but more competitive and the computer has to guess what you are drawing. If you win the round, you can unlock new categories and characters!

9) Subway Surfers--- The ultimate running game! Super fun, keeps you busy for hours, and so many upgrades!

10) Panda Pop--- In this game, you basically just pop the balls to save the pandas and it is super addictive! Wicked fun and there are tons of levels to keep you busy for hours especially, on a long road trip!

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