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Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas for School

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great day! In this blog post, I am sharing with you all a list of lunch ideas that are perfect for on-the-go, school, college, or even work! I hope you all enjoy reading this list of lunch ideas and I hope it makes it easier for you all to plan ahead!

Picture of Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas


  • There are many options and combinations you can make it exciting each week.

  • Combine protein with greens or simply go with all veggies.

  • You can even make a pasta salad to combine carbs with veggies.

Sandwich Wrap

  • Add vegetables, chicken, turkey, and a bit of dressing.

  • A simple way to add protein and greens to your diet.

  • Keep it simple with easy ingredients like grilled chicken, lettuce, and Caesar dressing.

  • There are endless combinations to enjoy on your lunch break!


  • Simply add beans and cheese for an easy and delicious lunch.

  • Include chicken or beef for added flavor and a more balanced meal.

Turkey Sandwich

  • Turn a classic into something fantastic!

  • Slice some avocado, add pimentos, and melted cheese for a Panera-inspired sandwich.

  • Or layer with olive tapenade for a Greek-styled sandwich.

  • Both are very delicious combinations!

Homemade Lunchable

  • Get creative with the smaller portioned easy meal.

  • Include trail mix, pretzels, or crackers with cheese and deli meat.

  • Add fresh vegetables with hummus and enjoy fresh-cut fruit as well high protein snacks.

Burrito Bowl

  • Include all your favorite mixins and combine them with meat.

  • A simple, easy, and fully customizable lunch option perfect for people on the go.

Chicken or Egg Salad

  • A quick and easy high-protein lunch is perfect for anybody.

  • Remember to substitute chips every now and then for vegetables or "healthier" crackers.

Hummus Wraps

  • Customize a hummus wrap with a southwestern lunch idea.

  • Add your favorite types of beans, meats, vegetables, and sauces.

  • Or add your favorite vegetables, drizzle oil, and add feta cheese for a Mediterranean-styled wrap.

Homemade Naan Pizza

  • Make a quick pizza the following night and enjoy it on your lunch.

  • Try to incorporate vegetables on the pizza or on the side to eat with it.

  • Time for you to get creative in the kitchen!

Rice Bowls

  • Incorporate your favorite seasoned chicken and vegetables.

  • Add some flavor with your favorite sauce and enjoy a delicious meal!

Yogurt Parfait

  • Need something light and nutritious or possibly craving for something sweet?

  • Pack your favorite high-protein yogurt and flavored granole and most importantly add your favorite fruit!

  • Make your own flavor combinations and dessert-inspired parfaits like peach cobbler or blueberry crumble.

Leftover Pasta Dishes

  • Made spaghetti and meatballs last night?

  • Pack an easy and ready-to-heat-up meal!


  • If you are not a big lunch person try something small and delicious.

  • Wrap deli meat in cheese and a bit of vegetables for a quick and fun lunch!

Tuna or Salmon Sandwich

  • Mash up tuna or salmon and layer cucumbers and pickles on the sandwich for the most delicious food combination!

  • I personally love eating a salmon sandwich with cucumbers!


  • Make or buy your favorite soup.

  • Grab some bread and enjoy a childhood favorite!

Thank you all very much for reading this post! I hope this post gave you all ideas on lunch ideas for school, work, or home! I have more posts planned for this month and I cannot wait to share them with you all! Also, I have an entire 12-month calendar spread that is undated and customizable as well as two-word searches perfect for summer! I hope you all have a great day, and I will see you all in the next post!

Also, if any of you have any blog post recommendations feel free to contact me and let me know your ideas! I love to hear your opinion!


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