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20 Non- Alcoholic Summer Drinks To Have

With summer here, it is hot, humid, and we need to keep hydrated and refreshed! The solution? Fun, tasty drinks! Some of these drinks are my favorite and most are low sugar, low calorie, and flavorful! (Click on the pictures to open a new tab with the recipe or to buy the item!)

1) Smoothies are delicious and nutritious! Combine any ingredients and add your favorite toppings for the ultimate summer drink.

2) Pina Colada Smoothie/ Drink--- The perfect amount of sweetness and fruitiness. Coconut and pineapple flavor is the ultimate beach day drink!

3) Shirley Temple--- A classic childhood drink. A must- have for summer! This delicious drink has a ginger ale flavor, but has a essence of delicious sweet cherry.

4) Homemade Lemonade/ Limeade: A crisp, tangy, flavorful drink to have this summer. This drink has the perfect balance of sweet and tart to have your taste buds refreshed.

5) Strawberry Lemonade: Definitely has more of a fruity taste than regular lemonade. I would say strawberry lemonade is a bit sweeter, tangy, and refreshing.

6) Party Fruit Punch: A delectable party drink to have all summer long! Drinking this drink will surely feel like you are on a tropical island and enjoying the ocean's breeze.

7) Glow/ Spa Water: The simplest and healthiest drink to stay hydrated. A little bit of water with fruit equals the perfect skin detox! Drinking glow/ spa water can relieve stress, lower sugar levels, and lose weight.

8) Vitamin Water: Contains vitamins to nourish your body and make your taste buds happy! Has a refreshing taste and is the perfect combination of healthy and sweet.

9) Honest Tea: Great tasting, healthy drink. Comes in many different flavors and is only a "tad sweet."

10) Kombucha: This yummy probiotic drink boosts your immune system and has other health benefits.

11) Cranberry Juice: A bright red, tart, mouth-watering drink perfect to have during summer!

12) Watermelon Juice: A refreshing, hydrating, juicy beverage that screams summer is here!

13) Twinning's Cold Infuse Tea: These teas are delicious and can be enjoyed chilled. They come in an assortment of flavors and overall taste great; plus healthy.

14) Karma Wellness Water: A healthy drink that contains vitamins and boosts your immune and digestive system.

15) Iced Coffee: All my coffee lovers out there... enjoy your favorite beverage cold. Add any flavor and toppings of your liking and drink up!

16) Coconut Water: A light, refreshing drink perfect for when you are dehydrated and contains electrolytes.

17) Blood Orange Juice: A tart, citrus, cooling drink. Enjoy this alone or in another beverage. Super yummy!

18) Sparkling Juices: Fizzy drinks that taste delicious and are fun to drink... a healthier soda.

19) Gatorade: Restores energy and hydration. Contains electrolytes and overall tastes delish.

20) Milkshakes: Creamy, tasty drink to enjoy anytime throughout the day.

Thank you all so much reading this blog post! have any feedback, questions, or comments? Feel free to email me: Follow me on Instagram to stay updated with new posts and content @helpfulinspiringblog. Don't forget to share, like, and subscribe! Stay tuned for more blog posts like these!


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