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25 Summer Snacks

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I am sharing with you all 25 snacks you should have this summer! These snacks range in all different kind of flavors and cravings. I have everything covered from sweet, savory, and sour! Keep on reading for some new summer snacks to try!

1) Mad Minis ice cream sandwiches- This is delight treat that only has 60 calories per sandwich and is a classic summer must have! There are many flavors that you can try out as well.

2) Watermelon- The ultimate summer fruit! You can eat this on its own or try adding some spice to it!

3) Cucumber bites- These are very light and refreshing perfect for a snack! There are endless amount of topping to add to them and is super delicious!

4) Homemade popsicles- Such a fun way to spend your summer trying out some new popsicle ideas. There are endless recipes you can try and is a great way to cool down!

5) Siete tortilla chips- I absolutely love these chips! There are so many different flavors to try and I love them all! I recommend pairing them with some dip.

6) Made Good granola bars/ granola minis- By far, my favorite brand of snacks! These are allergy friendly and taste really good and also include hidden vegetables in them!

7) Homemade popcorn- A great summer snack! There are so many flavors you can try and create.

8) Bark thins- These are like chocolate bark with added toppings in them and are a great easy to snack on treat!

9) Frozen yogurt fruit cups- These are super easy to make and taste delicious and don't forget, they are healthy! Add your favorite kind of yogurt, granola, fruit, and freeze!

10) Banana pops- Such a simple and delicious treat! Simply cut the banana in half and put in a popsicle stick. Then, add some chocolate, peanut butter, or yogurt on the banana and some fun toppings like nuts, sprinkles, fruit. etc. Lastly, freeze and enjoy!

11) Fruit salad- Grab all your favorite summer fruits and cut them up and put them in a bowl and dig in!

12) Corn and black bean salsa- A super yummy dip to enjoy all summer long!

13) Watermelon slushies- Very easy and delicious summer treat to indulge in!

14) Apples with peanut butter or yogurt- A simple and easy grab and go snack!

15) Strawberries with chocolate hummus- A delightful and yummy summer snack.

16) Fruit pizzas- A super easy and delicious summer snack that is perfect for gatherings as well.

17) Frozen blueberry bites- A super easy and healthy snack that is perfect for summer road trips or by yourself.

18) Homemade ice cream- A very fun and a great idea to spend some time to make something new especially some homemade ice cream!

19) Mighty Mill pretzels- I absolutely love these pretzels and they are my go to snack for this summer!

20) Smart Sweets- These yummy gummy snacks only have 3 grams of sugar, you definitely cannot go wrong with these!

21) Yasso yogurt bars- These are super yummy and creamy yogurt bars are perfect for a late summer night!

22) Plantain chips- These savory chips are super good and are a great snack to enjoy

23) Freeze-dried fruit- Crunchy and sweet snacks that are mouth-watering summer desserts for anyone to enjoy!

24) Simple cheese board- Grab all your favorite types of cheeses, crackers, nuts, fruit, and spreads and dig in with some friends or enjoy by yourself!

25) Smoothies- Customizable drinks with endless combinations and are the perfect summer drink!

Thank you all so much for reading this post! I am super excited to share with you all new blog posts that I have been working on and I cannot wait for you all to read them! Please follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @helpfulinspiringblog. Also, if you need to contact me, feel free to email at: I will see you all very soon and please go check out my two latest posts; they are both original poems that I wrote and would love for you all to read them!


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