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Addicting Games To Have On Your Phone- Part 2!

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

There are so many apps that are addicting so, I decided to create another post about this topic. Some games I sort of outgrew and I found other ones that I am currently loving! Let’s get started!

1) Hotel Empire Tycoon--- One of the most addictive games I have bought. Basically with this game, you buy upgrades and expand your hotel to make money and profit. As your hotel gets bigger, you are able to buy another hotel.

2) Dash Adventures--- These games are super addicting and there are so many levels to beat and earn new upgrades with new adventures along the way.

3) Blendy--- A very creative game, you are practically the maker in making the smoothies and each level is a new smoothie and you need to put the correct amount of ingredients in each cup in order to get 3 hearts and complete the level.

4) Theme Park Tycoon--- Quite similar to the Hotel Empire Tycoon game, but only a theme park version.

5) BlockuDoku--- A puzzle game in which you drag puzzle pieces to the grid and points are added to the score. You gain points by making squares and other shapes. It is a strategical game which, I love!

6) Word Search--- A classic game to play when bored. There are so many categories in this game and is super addicting!

7) Drag n Merge--- This game is quite clever, you have to drag the alike numbers together in order to beat the level. I personally think its fun and quite addictive especially on long car rides!

8) Coin Dozer--- This is the online version of Blinko. This game is seriously super fun and will keep you entertained for hours! Win fun prizes and earn new upgrades along the way!

9) Happy Color (Color by numbers)--- Quite self-explanatory, but you basically pick a picture colors the designated color with number. Will definitely keep your mind relaxed and keep you entertained for hours!

10) 248: Connect Dots and Numbers--- in this game, you connect the number dots with the alike ones and keep adding the numbers to pass the levels. Highly recommend this game!

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