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Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I am sharing with you all another original poem post! This poem is about comparing my inner thoughts and life experiences to the ocean. This poem talks about the challenging times when I feel alone and the questions I have that will never be answered. Yet, it is still a sign for me to push forward. I hope you all enjoy this poem!


Is the ocean really blue?

Or is it the sky that’s reflecting on it?

Is it because of the sun?

I just know it’s clear

And it’s a mystery.

Every time I enter the ocean,

I feel happy, cheerful, and at ease,

But for some reason I know it’s wrong.

It’s like I know that something bad could happen.

I also know that this feeling won’t last long,

But my good mood tries to block every negative thought.

When I feel the sand between my toes, it is a reminder that I was once a kid.

When I run the water through my hands, I know that this sensation won’t last forever.

When I kick the waves, I learn that everything will eventually fall.

When I see the shells hidden, I feel like my younger carefree self.

When I look at the horizon, I am optimistic to find what is really out there, but

When I turn back to the sand, I know it’s better to not know the unknown.

The ocean is like the world.

It can be beautiful one minute and

The next it can be scary and heartbreaking.

It changes like most things in life.

It has blissful and painful moments,

But that doesn't mean it hides that away from us.

It’s an unknown underground world.

A place that goes deeper than our imaginations.

A place that is home to the familiar.

A place that reminds me of my home.

The raging ocean waves crash on the sand as I think about all that still isn’t discovered.

The unsettling nightfall that strikes the water shows me that I am not alone.

It’s the strange creatures that live there

That makes me think this place isn’t normal.

It’s the urban legends you hear about

That makes me think this place is real.

It’s the living thing that we need to survive,

But can also harm us.

It’s a twisting and calming body of water.

It’s hard to understand sometimes,

But it can also be peaceful and pleasant.

Looking deep across the water are a billion questions that will never be answered.

Trying to walk away from the ocean, but it pulls me back with heavy force telling me to

Stay a little longer to appreciate me.

Thank you all very much for reading this poem blog post! I am super excited to be sharing this one with you all and hoped you all enjoyed reading it! I have more posts planned for this month so, stay tuned for new blog posts coming soon! If you want to stay updated when new blog posts are coming, you can follow me on both Instagram and Pinterest @helpfulinspiringblog. If you need to contact me, please email me at: I will see you all very soon!


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