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Cheap and Reasonable Places To Shop For Clothes

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I know as a teen, it can be very difficult to save money on clothes or find places where they sell cute clothes at a reasonable price. In this blog post, I will share with you all the places to find inexpensive cute clothes so, let's get started!! (these stores are not in any particular order)

1) Old Navy--- Have many great sales, rewards, and discounts on clothes.

2) Rue 21--- Many great sales and membership points. It has a great variety of styles and all reasonably priced.

3) Forever 21--- Sells dresses, shirts, and other articles of clothing with great prices. These items can be dressed up or down and also, a lot of people buy their formal cocktail dresses here!

4) Target--- A very convenient store for people to buy their needs and has super cute reasonably priced clothing.

5) Marshalls/ TJ Maxx--- Amazing great deals, plenty of clearance options and has all the trendy styles!

6) Francesca's--- If you like girly, flowy type of clothing, this store will be a perfect fit for you, but they also have many clothing options that are playful and casual. They have great deals instore and online and have super cute accessories.

7) H&M--- Has many different styles of clothing ranging from casual, to dressy, to business all at good pricing.

8) American Eagle--- First of all, they have the comfiest sweaters!! Second, they have all the latest styles, all at a good price.

9) Zaful--- An online store that has all the trendy styles with affordable pricing.

10) Shein--- Another online store that has very affordable women's clothing and has all the latest styles!

Thank you all so much for checking out this blog post and I hoped you enjoyed it! Feel free to share this post with your friends and follow my Instagram page @helpfulinspiringblog! Let me know if you guys would like to see more posts like this and stay tuned for more posts!!

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