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Did you learn something?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I am sharing with you all a poem post about a fallout friendship. I wrote this a while back and thought I would share it with you all. It is quite personal and I hope you all enjoy reading it. If you guys want to see more poem posts like this one, please let me know and I will continue to write them.

Did you learn something?

You and I were inseparable.

You took me out of a dark moment in my life and shined the sun over me.

You gave me a long-lasting friendship.

I gained a best friend.

But I lost myself.

It was just the two of us.

We started to add mutual friends to put group.

When our group of friends got bigger, you were unhappy.

I wondered why?

You were jealous.

You were mad when I hung out with friends at dinner.

You were upset when I was working trying to support my family.

You said negative comments about what I bought or looked like.

You got mad at me when I asked how you were doing.

You belittled me.

Your ego took over your happy and friendly aurora.

You never apologized for your actions and always blamed it on me.

I could never be proud of myself.

I couldn’t have friends outside our circle.

I had to be your only friend.

Did you ever care for me?

Did you hope that we would be friends forever?

Did it cross your mind that one day I wouldn’t want to be friends with you?

Did you ever feel guilty for what you did to me?

You took away my light and I was your shadow.

Sure, I wasn’t perfect either.

I was indecisive.

I was a follower.

I was too nice.

I wasn’t myself.

Yes, there were good times.

When we would talk for hours about everything.

When we would go out shopping, bowling, or to the movies.

I laughed uncontrollably when I was with you.

I was there for you.

After nine years of fallout friendships,

I thought I finally found my best friend.

I had someone that cared about me and my existence.

I had someone that would always be there for me.

So, I thought…

We parted ways. I didn’t want to talk to you at graduation.

All those people you used to trash talk about, ended up being your friends.

I was nothing to you.

I was just a crumbled-up piece of paper in the trash.

You were the basket.

Swallowing my pride, my weaknesses, and my fears.

Acting like everything will be okay with us.

We learned a lot in high school, but one thing I learned was who my true friends are.

I have two best friends that would take bullets for me.

I found myself.

As I close this chapter, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for giving me the best times in my life.

Thank you for also putting me down.

I learned a lot about myself and my future friendships.

I hope you can too.

Thank you all so much for reading this post! I love posting my poems on my blog and I absolutely love the feedback I receive from them as well, you guys are always supportive. You can follow me on Pinterest and Instagram @helpfulinspiringblog. If you need to contact me, please email me at: I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I will see you soon!


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