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Must Have Stationary Supplies for an Office or Desk!

School is starting soon, which means summer is ending soon. Sadly, we soon have to face the fact that we are starting a new school year with new adventures and new beginnings. However, we can at least get excited about something... right!? Like new school supplies or new desk supplies. Honestly I think the best part about school shopping is all the new stuff you get to buy for year. Yes, some are expensive than others, but there are plenty of stores out there that sell cute supplies at a reasonable price! Let's get started!!

1) Sticky Notes--- Sticky Notes are a great way for you to get organized with important dates and appointments. Super easy to write down "To Do Lists" and much more. I highly recommend this product for anyone who likes to plan ahead and stay on track of their duties.

2) Colored Pens--- Anyone who likes color code their tasks, this makes it super easy to get tasks done. I usually color code each subject with a different color so, I know what needs to get done for each subject. For example, red= English, blue= History, green= Science, purple= Math.

3) Highlighters--- Not only are they really pretty, but help you to keep organized when reading. Each color can mean a different idea. For example, yellow= important, pink= look back on, and blue= difficult words. You also, do not have to use them for reading, you can use them for color coding like, meal planning. pink= dinner, yellow= breakfast, blue= lunch, and green= snack.

4) Pencils/ Colored Pencils--- A must-have!! Makes your writing fun! Another great way to color code. Affordable, can get them just about anywhere, and there are endless possibilities.

5) Folders/ Binders--- A great way to keep all of your papers organized. You can get really creative with them and dedicate each binder with a different topic. For example, blue binder= cook book, purple folder= things to get done, and red binder= bills to pay.

6) Scissors--- To cut paper to perfect size and everything else in between. You never know when you are going to need to use this tool! It's always handy to have near you!

7) Calendar--- A great tool to keep important dates, to see a layout of the month, and super helpful for keeping organized. I use a desk calendar and it is super helpful to see all of the dates, holidays, and things I need to do for that month.

8) Washi Tape--- Comes in many colors and patterns and super useful. Sure you can have fun while writing, just add washi tape! Great use for titles, color coding, labeling, and so much more!!

9) Paper Clips--- Keeps your papers organized and neat! Organization has never been so easy!

10) Markers--- Writing can also be colorful and pretty! Having markers around, makes it really easy to color code important dates and deadlines.

11) Tape--- If you ripe a piece of paper, this item is really handy! Any little mistake can be solved with tape!

12) Sharpener--- Easy and accessible way to get the best point on a pencil! Super cheap and always a must have on your desk!

13) Binder Clips--- Inexpensive way to keep all of your papers organized. You can buy colored binder clips and organize them by favorite recipes, homework to do, college papers, and much more!

14) Scrap Paper--- Everyone needs to have scrap paper by them, even if it is a little math problem you are trying to do or organizing your tasks!

15) Ruler--- Keep those lines straight! (Literally what no one says) Anyways, I am a perfectionist or I like to keep things neat and organized so, perfect lines alwys make me feel satisfied!

16) Wite Out--- Make a mistake in pen and don't want to throw out the entire sheet, wite out will save the day!! Handy to have around at all times, I use this non-stop and dries in a few seconds!

17) Erasers--- So many cute options, inexpensive, and a must have at school or on the desk. I make tons of mistakes with pencil or pen so, I need this at all times near me.

18) Calculator--- Need to do simple math, but your brain for some reason is like "nope can't think today." Then, a calculator is what you should probably keep near you! Don't worry I use it all the time even for the simplest things like adding 10 + 5 (most of the time, my brain doesn't want to function, but its okay we all have our off days!)

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