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Wasted All My Love

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I am sharing with you all a new poem post! This poem is about regretting loving someone because of their actions and the way they treated you. This poem is all about showing how someone can change you for the worse and be absolutely blindsided by it in the case of love. I hope you all enjoy reading this poem!

Wasted All My Love

You stole all my memories

And replaced them with you.

You tricked my mind into thinking

I only wanted you.

I relapsed and

Believed I needed you to fix me.

You’re the kind of drug to hypnotize and

Hallucinate every time you see someone.

Yet, I’m the stupid lab rat who

Believes I have a way out.

A taste of freedom,

A long awaiting time for change.

A shadowing presence I felt when you were with me.

A strong and heavy movement lingered on my body every time you left.

A knot in my throat as I tried to speak.

A weakened immune system the more I stayed with you.

A numb feeling to the world around me and

An alert gut feeling when you finally disappeared.

You changed the way I felt toward you,

Indifferent and repulsive.

I wanted to cleanse my body and unlearn everything I knew about you.

Yet, I still felt the need to embrace who I have become.

I smeared all your words into my head and

Whispered to myself to never be like you.

I deserved better,

But you changed me to believe I deserved less.

A life with you felt like a movie,

But in reality, it was a fake life.

You twisted everything around you to fulfill your crazy world.

When everything was your way, you were the happiest and most frightful person I’ve ever met.

You didn’t just affect me,

You infected my entire life and those around it.

My brain became scattered every time you said something mean

While my body tensed up.

Scared of your next movement and

Afraid if it was too late to change myself back?

Everything in my right mindset told me to stop,

But I was too afraid to lose you

Because you were all I have ever known.

I felt like my life with you was a fever dream.

I lived through it and never want to go back.

So why does it feel like you are still here?

It’s probably because I got used to your demeanor and

I was mesmerized by your influence.

You were always a heavy weight on my shoulders,

But as time went on, I could finally breathe better.

You were intolerable,

But somehow, I became addicted to you.

You triggered my pet peeves and

Broke all the morals that I learned.

You showed me to never be weak

And I listened to you

Thinking you were right.

You said you are always right.

I rebuilt my thinking to satisfy your world.

I gambled my love with you.

I gave it all away and didn’t receive anything back.

Not even a goodbye.

I tasted alcohol to relieve stress

But really it poisoned my body just like your words.

I didn’t just change my ways for you.

I made sure every memory of you would be a good one.

I looked past all your flaws and hypocritical comments.

I allowed myself to feel the need to be like you

And it worked,

Yet, you left as soon as I changed for you.

I wish I could rewind time and not have to worry about your memories.

The moments that are forever engraved into my mind

Are a symbol that I once forgot to let my teenage self-live carefree.

I wished I would have made memories naturally and not by force.

I forgot to tell myself that you are bound to make mistakes and

Everyone you meet shapes you into who you are today.

So, I learned to love myself and keep away everything that reminded me of you.

I took away your power and

Tried to give you purpose in your life.

You failed and fell for an easy trap.

You’re running around in circles trying to find a way out.

While I’m looking for my exciting new adventure, knowing you’ll never look for me.

Thank you all very much for reading this poem post! I really appreciate all the love and support I receive on my poetry and it definitely encourages me to write more! I have more posts planned for this month and I cannot wait to share them with you all! If you want to stay updated when new posts are coming or want interactive content, you can follow me on both Instagram and Pinterest @helpfulinspiringblog. If you need to contact me, please email me at: I hope you all have a great rest of your day and I will see you all in the next post!


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