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10 Of My Favorite Songs In January

Hello wonderful people, hope you all are having a great day. In today's blog post I am sharing with you my 10 monthly favorite songs. These songs range in different genres and moods. Note: not all these songs are new, it is what I found on the radio or on my playlists that I enjoy listening to.

1) Minefields- Faouzia, John Legend

2) Break Up Song- Little Mix

3) She- Jake Scott

4) The One That Got Away- Hunter Hayes

5) Let Me Drown- Able Heart

6) Drivers License- Olivia Rodrigo

7) Paralyzed- NF

8) Bitter- Dylan Conrique, Noak Hellsing

9) Wait- NF

10) Grey- Why Don't We

Thank you all very much for reading this blog post! I have more blog posts coming soon so, stay tuned for those! I also have more posts like these under the "Music" category. If you have not done so yet, please subscribe to my blog. You can find the form on the home page and please follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @helpfulinspiringblog. If need to contact me, please email me: I will see you all very soon!


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