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10 Foods To Eat This Summer!

10) Ice Cream--- First of all, why not?! It's not summer without ice cream. So many flavors to choose from and theirs a flavor everyone!

9) S'Mores--- A little treat never hurt! Feel free to splurge yourself on this ooey-gooey treat!

8) Peppers--- On a healthier note, great source of fiber, extremely colorful vegetables, perfect for salads and much more! And of course, immunity boosters!

7) Iced Tea--- So many health benefits! Brew it yourself, customize it, and enjoy!

6) Salad--- Endless possibilities and great nutrition

5) Tomatoes--- Light, refreshing, a great salad topping, simple, a little salt and pepper= perfect!

4) Cherries--- Sweet & tart, rich in health benefits, and most importantly delicious!

3) Citrus Fruits--- Vitamin C= better skin, refreshing, perfect summer food!

2) Melons--- Healthiest & juiciest foods!, great for your stomach, and helps prevent some health problems later on!

1) Watermelon--- Refreshing, a summer classic, hydrating!

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