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How To Use Up Journals:

As a stationery lover, I feel that I have tons of journals/ notebooks and I am always trying to find ways to use them! I have a list of ideas on how to use them up!

1. Sketchbook— Need a way to decompress. A notebook/ journal designated for drawing and coloring is perfect. Do this 15 minutes a day and your brain will thank you! Just to let you know, you do not have to be an artist to this, anyone can do it! (Look what I did, I’m no artist!)

2. Bullet Journal— An easy idea to make any journal/ planner personal and the styles are endless! You can change up the themes by the different months, change up the ideas with different things to track, and so much more!!

3. Ideas List— This can be your journal designated to anything that pops into your head or any movie that you watched and loved. You can keep track of them here!!

4. Trackers— A great way to keep track of your mood, sleep, and water intake! You can basically keep track of anything. Also, do not worry about them being perfect, they are made to help you and build better habits!

5. Hobby Journal—No matter what your hobby is: gardening, painting, or reading, a journal will surely help you keep track of your progress.

6. Lists of 100– Pretty self-explanatory, write down a word a day, define it, and try to use it throughout the day. Keep in mind you don’t have to use words, this can be movies, books, makeup, etc.

7. Practicing Handwriting— Need to work on your handwriting? Do some drills of writing out each letter in the alphabet and then circle the ones you would like to work on/ change. Once you have done that, practice writing those letters 'correctly' and then start writing sentences. Note: this drill will take time and lots of practice, do not rush the process! Practice every day for about a week or so and you will see a change in your penmanship!

8. Party Ideas/ Planning— Do you have any party ideas? Need a place to write them down? A journal is a perfect place to put them and keep track of your ideas. You can keep track of the favors, decorations, setting, theme, and food.

9. Recipe Book— Have any favorite recipes and need to keep track of them? A recipe book is a great way to keep track of all that! You can do so much with a recipe book, the possibilities are endless!

10. Bucket List— Anything and everything you want to do all kept in a journal!!

11. Travel Journal—When traveling, keep a journal with you to keep track of all your favorite memories!

12. Writing Prompts— Keeping daily writing prompts is a great way to improve and exercise your brain! They do not have to complex, they can be as simple as: “What is your favorite food and why?”

13. Quotes— Write down your favorite quotes and who it is by. Look back on this journal when you need motivation or courage!

14. Passwords—It gets really hard trying to remember all of those passwords, there all so different. Keep a journal with those in it and you can always lookup.

15. Songs/ Song Lyrics— Have you ever loved a certain song and it’s lyrics? Keep a journal that records all of your favorite songs and lyrics! You can color code then, decorate, and add themes to them!

16. Playlists— Need a car playlist or a party playlist? Write down all your favorite songs in a journal. You can even date them and add years on them so you know what was popular at the time.

17. Poems— Keep all the poems you have written in a journal so, you can look back and see how you have improved! Or keep a journal designated to your favorite poems that you find!

18. Things To Look Up— I’m sure we all have a daily question we ask ourselves. In this journal, you can keep track of your daily questions and go back and answer them.

19. Morning Pages— A great start to a wonderful morning! Fill these out every morning and start every day off with a new and healthy mindset.

20. Blog Ideas— If you have a blog or create content in general. We are always coming up with ideas so, why not designate an entire journal to those brilliant ideas!

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