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October Reflection 2023

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! To help wrap up this month of October, I thought I would share with you all a list of ten self-reflection questions and answers. I enjoy writing these for you all to understand what a month looks like for me. Even though each month brings new adventures, challenges, and positivity, I like to reflect on each month and see where I stand physically and mentally. I hope you all enjoy reading this post!

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1. What went well this month? What did I accomplish?

I would say what went this month was staying on top of and getting ahead of homework assignments. I was able to be quite productive this month and have enjoyed the results of getting work done in advance. What I did accomplish this month was finally buying a new printer as mine broke I while ago. I was able to save money on it by getting it on sale and I can finally show you all my printables!

2. What didn't go so well? How can I improve for next month?

What didn't go so well this month was taking notes in class and at home. This is something I have been trying to improve upon since last month and it has not gotten better. Though I did start a turnaround within the last days of October but have mainly been slacking off in this field. How I can improve upon this for next month is to do the chapter notes the day I am assigned them instead of waiting until later to do them.

3. How did I grow as a person?

I grew as a person this month by starting to take care of myself and prioritize my mental health. I recently started attending therapy and I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It's nice to talk to someone and check in with yourself when you know you are not doing well.

4. What challenges did I face this month?

A challenge I faced this month was trying to study for multiple midterm exams. I knew I wanted to do well on these exams as they cost a huge part of my grade and it was quite difficult for me to memorize some of the material. I felt pretty overworked and restless. Thus, causing me to get a poor night of sleep too many times.

5. What am I spending too little or too much time on?

I think I'm spending too little time on my blog. I know I always say to myself that I will get better with this, but as time keeps going I get deeper within my studies and it can be hard to manage. What I think works best for me is to get everything planned ahead of time instead of waiting until the new month has arrived.

6. Did I reach my goals this month?

Yes, I did reach my goals this month which one of them being making an appointment for a therapy session. I also reached my goal of finishing a book that I've been wanting to finish for a while and I absolutely loved it!

7. What made me feel grateful this month?

Something that made me feel grateful this month was taking in the little things when I would be walking or driving. Though I don't get to spend as much time as I would like to outside, I still like to appreciate nature from a distance. I find that when I do this I can relax my mind and draw inspiration from this.

8. What habits should I continue to focus on?

One habit I should continue to focus on is getting a better night's sleep. I need to stop going to bed late especially on days when I know I need to wake up early. I need to get myself into a routine that will work best for me as well as not stress me out later.

9. What did I do this month to take care of myself?

Something I did to take care of myself this month was read 30 minutes before going to bed each day. I found that this helps me fall asleep quicker and relaxes my mind as it is something that isn't stressful. I was also able to do a little bit of self-care by painting my nails which I hope to do more often!

10. Overall, how would I rate my month?

Overall, I would rate this month an 8 out of 10. It wasn't the best month, but I learned a lot about myself and learned how I am still growing mentally. I am on a road to take care of myself both mentally and physically and like the idea I am starting something new in my life. I am learning what works best for me and trying to find solutions that can overall improve my performance in my studies.

Thank you all very much for reading this poem post! I have more posts planned for this month and I cannot wait to share them with you all! Also, make sure to check out my printables shop! I have an entire 12-month calendar spread that is undated and customizable and multiple word searches perfect for parties, classroom activities, or self-care! I hope you all have a great day, and I will see you all in the next post!

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