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Studying Tips For Tests and Quizzes

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic day! I am sharing with all of you a guide on the best ways to study for exams and to ace them. I know that taking tests is not everyone's forte and it can be challenging to stay focused studying the information, but with this I am sure it help you all with your test taking.

Organize Your Notes

  • Read over your notes after every class to check if they make sense.

  • Use titles on your notes as well as put page numbers on your notebook; use a table of contents.

  • Schedule what subject you will be studying for on specific days.

Schedule Time at the End of Week To Go Over Your Notes

  • Make sure you understand them, you can read them, does this lesson make sense?

Establish a Regular Study Schedule

  • Plan out weekly what subjects you will be studying for and what notes to take as well as how much time to spend.

  • Assign Math for maybe 3 hours on two days weekly. Make practice problems, review lectures, watch online videos for help, ask classmates and teachers for additional guidance.

  • Assign Science for 1-2 hours on three days weekly. Take notes, do further research on topics, ask classmates and teachers for assistance, and make sure to complete all labs!

  • Assign English for 1 hour each day weekly. Get ahead of your English homework, drafts, essays, forums, outlines, etc. Power through your homework.

  • Assign History for 2 hours on two days weekly. Review worksheets, textbooks, notes, research extra notes. Pay attention and take notes in class.

  • Stay awake in class and listen! Take notes, this is super helpful for any exam!

Test Yourself on the Material

  • Review your notes and write sample test questions. Test your knowledge. Make sure you know the chapter!

  • Look for key words to help remember information. Look for simple clues to train your mind that this word associates with this definition.

Create a Study Checklist

  • For each subject, write on a piece of paper or sticky note what you need to study for.

  • Example: formulas, words and definitions, terms, important events, ideas, etc.

Create Summary Notes

  • When reading a textbook, it can be super helpful to write a chapter review on a sticky note of what you have learned. You can always review this information.

Create Flashcards

  • I know that this does not work for everyone, but if this works for you, do it!

  • Simply write definitions, formulas, words, etc. to help you study and understand the course.

Finish Your Studying the Day Before the Exam


  • Separate your time, plan ahead, take little breaks in between.

  • DO NOT do it all in one day! The worst thing to do to yourself.

  • Study a little everyday!

Thank you all very much for reading this blog post! I have more posts coming this month as well as many more exciting posts coming soon! Please follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @helpfulinspirinblog. Also, if you need to connect with me/reach out, feel free to email me at: I will see all of you in the next post!


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