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A Candy Rose

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I am sharing with you all a poem post! This poem post is about the materialistic things we receive on holidays and how each year we learn something new about ourselves and the true meaning of those items. We often symbolize gifts as appreciation, but sometimes we can be blindsided by the person's actions from whom we receive them from.

A Candy Rose

The most loved I wanted to be was with you.

So, every Valentine’s Day,

I wanted you to ask me,

“Will you be mine?”

All I got was one rose that

I would give to my mom out of love.

I was always jealous of the love you received from others and

I hoped that one day you would share it with me.

That day never came

Yet the love was always there.

So, I would shower myself with desires and wants

Of materialistic things that would never matter to me in years to come.

Sweet, fruity, chalk-like candy,

Shaped in small colorful pastel hearts,

Covered in cliché sayings.

In hopes of a lover would confess.

Oh, how naïve I was to think that it would last,

But it all crumbled in front of me like the candy hearts I once had.

All I wanted was one singular rose from someone I (thought) cared about me.

So, instead of pondering over my lost lover,

Each year I buy myself flowers.

I buy the prettiest and most colorful ones I can find.

I buy one bouquet for myself and

Wish upon them like shooting stars.

I usually get one that has variations of flowers.

Roses for a delicate, sweet scent in my life.

Carnations for a playful surprise.

Babies breathe for a hint of happiness.

Alstroemeria for long-lasting friendships and

Chrysanthemums for cheering me on.

One bouquet I get myself every year

To remind myself I’m one of a kind

Just like the flowers, I pick out.

I look at them like they are perfect and

They resemble the little things in life that make me so happy.

They may not fix everything, but in the moment, it fixes my broken heart.

It was never about the one singular rose or the small heart candies.

They were just objects I tried to replace with you

And it worked because every time I see one rose all along,

I think about how you left me alone at a time I needed you.

When I see those heart-shaped candies

I think about our love that quickly disintegrated.

You weren’t just an ex-lover.

You were my friend too and

It’s sad to see someone replace my flowers with something new.

I didn’t want any materialistic things when I was with you

All I wanted was for you to be mine.

And thankfully, I tell my mom how much I love her.

Thank you all very much for reading this poem post! I really appreciate all the love and support I receive with my writing and it means so much to me! I have more posts planned for this month and I cannot wait to share them with you all! I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I will see you all in the next post!


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