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Healthy Changes To Make Today

Have you ever wanted to change your routine and make it a healthier routine? Don't you worry, I have over 15 simple and easy changes that you can make right now that will impact your daily lives. So, keep reading on if you want to learn about these changes!

1) Cut out soda and sugary juices ---> dilute juices with half water and half juice and swap out soda for seltzer water

2) Drink more water ---> stay hydrated, drink at least 8oz per day

3) Come up with a workout plan ---> stick to an easy and efficient work out; one that will actually get you motivated to workout!

4) Eat more fruit and vegetables ---> incorporate fruits and vegetables in every meal and substitute sugary snacks for healthy produce

5) Drink less coffee, more tea ---> tea is extremely beneficial to the human body and definitely has less sugar and no caffeine.

6) Get 8 plus hours of sleep ---> take care of yourself by getting the required amount of hours to sleep. Have a designated time to go to bed and stick to your routine

7) Try cooking healthy desserts ---> make frozen yogurt bark, zucchini brownies, blueberry crisp, etc.

8) Plan meals ahead ---> plan out what you are going to be eating every week. This will help you save money, time, and will not only stick to your shopping list, but you will be eating healthier

9) Set goals for yourself with rewards to encourage yourself to accomplish more ---> realistic and achievable

10) Take vitamins daily ---> multivitamins, immune support, etc.

11) Read a book ---> always have a good book to rely on

12) Write your thoughts out weekly ---> helps relieve stress

13) Listen to music you enjoy ---> listen to music that makes you feel emotions whether it be happy or sad... something to help you to relax

14) Read food labels ---> know how much sugar, protein, fat, or carbs you are consuming

15) Track your money every month ---> know how much you are spending each month and stick to a budget

16) Plan ahead especially, if you know a certain week will be busy ---> set up meals, plan out your day, and have scheduled time periods

17) Take daily or weekly walks ---> right after you exercise, you can take little 15-20 minute walks daily or weekly

18) Read beauty labels like you read your food labels ---> be cautious of what you are putting on your skin and know what ingredients work with your skin

19) Eat breakfast everyday ---> DO NOT skip breakfast. Learn what your body can and cannot take in the morning. Breakfast is extremely important for you. Try to eat smaller proportions in the morning like, yogurt, fruit, or half a bagel.

20) Think Positive ---> Now I know it can be difficult sometimes, but put up canvas with inspirational words/quotes or put inspirational wallpaper on your phone

21) Bring your own lunch to work/school ---> You save money, eat healthy, and you know what is in your food

22) Reduce technology use ---> take frequent breaks away from screens and rest your eyes and have days once out of the week where you do not use technology for several hours

Thank you all so much for reading this blog post, it means the world to me. Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon and feel free to follow me on Instagram @helpfulinspiringblog and I now have a Pinterest account that you can also follow me @helpfulinspiringblog. If you have any questions for me, feedback, or suggestions, please email me See you soon!


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