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Social Distancing Activities For The Summer

Hello everyone, with summer coming right around the corner and the pandemic still here, I thought I would share with you all some fun summer activities that you can do with a small group of friends or family. All these ideas are great activities to still practice social distancing and have a great summer enjoyed with some company.

1) Have a picnic--- This can be anywhere (examples: beach, park, backyard, etc.) Gather all your favorite snacks and drinks and spend time with the ones you love!

2) Go to the beach--- Any beach, bring friends, food, games, and have fun!

3) Have a summer cookout--- Cook a yummy meal and play fun games, enjoy refreshing popsicles and the company of others. Even include an ice cream party station for extra fun and cooling off!

4) Go on a hike--- Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature. This is super relaxing and is a great way to exercise as well.

5) Drive-in movie theater--- Such a fun and entertaining idea for all ages! This is a perfect summer activity!

6) Have a campfire--- Grab a few of your friends or family and enjoy the beauty of nature while playing fun games and enjoying some great food!

7) Start a small book club--- This a great way to relax and unwind with some friends to talk about your favorite book! Also, you can host it on Zoom or in-person.

8) Take a day trip--- Plan out where you are going and enjoy sight seeing of all the different destinations.

9) Grow a garden--- This is a new hobby you can try out this summer and grow some amazing produce!

10) Host a trivia night--- Divide into teams, quiz each other, and have fun prizes. You can either do this in-person or on Zoom.

11) Get crafty--- Make something new that you found on Pinterest. This is a great time to try something crafty! You can also make a photo album and give it to a loved one.

12) Get cooking--- Try baking or cooking something new. This is the perfect time to experiment!

13) Adult coloring--- Yes, this exists! A super fun and relaxing way to enjoy your summer!

14) Have a karaoke night--- Either in-person or virtually and sing all your favorite songs!

15) Have a bake off--- Either have it in-person or virtual. Have fun with friends and create different challenges for the ultimate experience!

Thank you all so much for reading this blog post! I have so many fun and exciting posts that I cannot wait to share with you all! Please follow me on Pinterest and Instagram @helpfulinspiringblog. If you need to contact me, please email me at: I will see you all very soon and I hope you all have a great rest of your week and stay safe!


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