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Only want summer thoughts

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! To start this month of July, I thought I would share with you all a new poem post. This poem is about how summer seems to fly by quicker than what I hope. Though I miss summer as a kid with no responsibilities and not a care in the world, I know that as each season passes, I too am getting older and growing. So, I try to hold onto each season a little longer as well as reassure myself that I am grateful for this time right now.

Only want summer thoughts

Breathless air,

An empty mind,

Calming thoughts, and

A happy face.

Warm skin touching the sand beneath me.

Little crabs walking along the shoreline

While laughing seagulls fly above.

Oh, how I wish summer season would last longer.

Between the warm weather and happiness radiating throughout my body,

I just can’t help to smile and laugh

When I’m reminded, I once was a kid

Living in the moment.

As an adult now,

I have responsibilities and

Forget to have fun.

But the summer reminds me to let go.

For once,

I’d wish to dive into the ocean and

Let the waves crash upon my head.

I’d let the seaweed cover my legs

Like a school of fish.

I’d swim deeper into the ocean

Without ever looking back because

Once I turn back, I’ll forget why I jumped in.

It’s to forget about my life for once.

Forget all my emotions and ongoing thoughts.

To be careless one day and

Be spontaneous in an instant.

To look back means

That you are trying to keep safe

And sure, there’s nothing wrong with that,

But I’d like to know what it’s like to be impulsive.

I wish I could erase my thoughts for a day and

Allow my mind to rest.

I want my mind to be filled with

The blue ocean, hot sand, and blazing sun.

If those were my thoughts for a day,

I would be the happiest.

But there, not my thoughts anymore,

When I was a kid, that’s all I could think of.

Now I’m stuck between going to bed earlier or staying up to do homework.

Should I drown myself in studies and forget to take breaks or

Should I watch an episode and go to bed?

Should I give up on myself and believe that I’m a failure or

Should I reward myself for bad tactics?

Sure, I’ve lost some motivation,

But does that make me a bad person?

Sometimes I think I’m my worst enemy.

Because I don’t believe in myself like I used to as a kid.

I don’t have the same thoughts anymore and

In a way that makes me grown.

Sure, I have expanded my knowledge and opened my mind to new things,

But sometimes I don’t know how to turn off the inner voice.

Summer was always a way I could turn off my brain,

But not anymore.

I’m learning to balance everything life throws at me.

I’m just hoping for a day of relaxation.

With nothing to do and nothing to think about.

No one to talk to and no one to bother me.

A day filled with emptiness,

Which is sometimes what I need

To start fresh.

To fulfill my brain with love and reinforcement.

To make sure, I’m doing okay.

And I’ll be okay.

I just have to surround myself with good people.

I’ll have to take my days off for granted and

Take advantage of late ice cream nights.

Something in my mind that will keep me happy

And appreciate myself and others.

Because we all work hard,

We just don’t tell ourselves enough.

Even though I feel that summer is halfway,

It’s not over yet and

It will come again next year.

It may be far,

But I know it’s worth the wait.

It’s a reminder that I’m changing and growing up.

I’m not a young kid trying to navigate life,

I’m a grown adult trying to make a living.

So, on one bright, sunny day off,

I’ll keep the wind between the strands of my hair.

The ocean breeze singing loudly will echo in my ears.

The calming waves will crash up against the shoreline

While the small hermit crabs will run away scared.

The dry sand will exfoliate my feet and

The ever-lasting sweet ice cream will radiate my tastebuds with happiness.

It will be hard to forget what I already love so much.

Thank you all very much for reading this poem post! Stay tuned for more blog posts coming this summer as I am very excited to share them with you all! Also, I have an entire 12-month calendar spread that is undated and customizable as well as four-word searches perfect for summer! I hope you all have a great day, and I will see you all in the next post!

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